A New Era in Financial Transparency
A New Era in Financial Transparency
For Trustees, Receivers, Turnaround Professionals, Investigators, CFOs and Auditors

Award Winning VALID8 automates financial data aggregation and reporting requirements driven by bankruptcy compliance.



Access to 10,000 Institutions

VALID8 pulls transactional data directly from over 10,000 financial institutions. Need more history? Post bank statements for automated conversion into a pre reconciled, bomb-proof transaction database. All accounts are aggregated into one version controlled repository.


Ensure Accuracy & Compliance

Once all accounts are reconciled to the penny, we use predictive analytics, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms to tag and categorize transactions for fraud and outliers.


Speed to Intelligence

Without VALID8, 90% of time is spent cleaning and preparing data with almost no time left to ask “why” and “what-if” questions. Using proprietary cash flow visualization and deep Microsoft Excel integration, 13-week cash roll forwards and monthly operating reports based exclusively on 3rd party validated transactions are generated with a single click.



All source documents and downloads are TRIPLE-CHECKED and reconciled to the penny for accuracy. Our OCR capabilities provide 99% accuracy with two levels of error checking, then we examine starting/ending balance versus inflows/outflows to ensure 100% reconciliation and accuracy.


No more wondering if your data and reports will hold up in the court of law. We maintain a full audit trail for each transaction in addition to links back to source documents. Rest assured, all of your reports will be fully compliant to the highest standards defined by the US Dept. of Justice at all times.


Nobody likes the pressure of deadlines.  Especially when they seem to be non-stop. With Valid8 you know your reports will be delivered on-time, every-time.  Focus on adding value more quickly, not just creating reports.    




This is where our clients tell us VALID8 really shines. Built-in interactive visualizations and deep Microsoft Excel integration and enhancements transform your complex transaction data set into actionable intelligence that was never before available. 

Your data is secure with our bank-grade data encryption. VALID8 embraces the latest in financial data security best practices including strict FINRA compliance and uses the same level of security that the US Federal Government uses for sensitive data.

Multiple clients? Hundreds of accounts? Tens of thousands of monthly transactions? We’ve got you covered. VALID8 is built on cloud-scale data infrastructure and software to allow you to scale.