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What Should You Expect From An Audit?

Recently, the Economist published “What is an audit for?” and identified the current expectation gaps between what the consumers of a financial statement audit (investors, board members, lawmakers, courts, etc…) expect and what is being delivered.  Examining these gaps provides tremendous insights into the imminent change in store for the Accounting Services profession. I’ve taken […]

Cash Flow is Everything

By Tod McDonald, CPA, CFF/CFE, CIRA, Cofounder If there’s one lesson I’ve learned working on hundreds of clients in dozens of different industries, cash flow is everything. Standard accounting procedures if controlled properly, do a fine job of tracking how/where money is made and spent. However, after spending a lot of time with distressed business […]

A New Era in Financial Transparency

By Chris McCall, Cofounder Detailed financial and accounting data has historically been, for the most part, hidden behind a veil of complexity.  Before the explosion of compute power and plummeting data storage costs, corporate accounting generated too many transactions and too much data for management to consider every transaction in real time. Necessity being the […]