Designed by Professional Accountants

“Whoever gets the answers first, wins. Velocity is everything.”

Mark Calvert, CPA/Trustee

VALID8 is an enterprise grade financial data platform that streamlines evidence collection and verification procedures.  Designed by CPAs for CPAs, VALID8 is purpose-built to meet the professional standards of using financial evidence to formulate opinions.

​Extract Data With Ease

From over 15,000 financial institutions.

From any PDF statement, native or non-native.

Start with the Full Population of Evidence

Start with data that is independently sourced and verified by a third party, know that you have a comprehensive set of all financial activity by connecting directly to accounts at over 15,000 financial institutions or extracting the data from statements and other evidentiary documents.

Upload Accounting Records

For auditors looking to verify client accounting records, extract data directly from the accounting system and upload into VALID8.  Run reports and generate financial statements consistently across all clients.

​Automate Revenue and AR Verification

​Independently Source and Match Bank to ERP Transactions

Once you have all the data and know that it’s both complete and accurate, use transaction matching algorithms to identify money flows between accounts or map banking transactions to ERP cash receipts and cash disbursement journals.

Reconcile to Ensure Accuracy

To guarantee accuracy, all inflow and outflow transactions extracted from statements are summarized and compared to starting and ending balance, if things don’t add up, edit and reconcile every document to the penny.

Visualize Accuracy and Completeness

Simple visualizations allow you to instantly identify missing data and assess status of the entire data set.

​Visualize Cash Flow

Visualize Cash Flow From Sources to Accounts to Uses

Use an interactive visualization for a deeper understanding of cash flow activity. View sources of funds flowing into a network of accounts or legal entities flowing into the uses of funds. Click any node or connector to view a list of detailed transactions.

​1-Click Audit Ready Verification Workpapers

1-click export to Microsoft Excel. In addition to all detailed data, use predefined pivot tables and slicers to analyze client data. Auditors can create pre-defined Audit-ready workpapers and post them to any existing audit workflow automation platform.  More coming soon...


At VALID8, nothing is more important than your and your client’s data security and privacy. We’ve built a comprehensive enterprise data security stack optimized for the cloud.

World Class Data Centers

We start by storing data exclusively at world class data centers with SSAE 16 and SOC-1, 2, and 3 compliance.

Continuous Compliance T​esting

Regular compliance tests check our system configuration against hundreds of data security standards to ensure new capabilities don’t compromise compliance.

Mission-Critical Data Protection​

Regular compliance tests check our system configuration against hundreds of data security standards to ensure new capabilities don’t compromise compliance.

24X7 Threat Detection​

Continuous behavior-based threat detection reports are provided on demand.

Enterprise Level Encryption

The strongest encryption is used to lock down the data at rest and in transit.

Multi-Factor Authentication​

Users are required to verify their identity through multi-factor authentication.