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VALID8’s Crime Fighting Origins

In 2010, state, local and federal law enforcement began investigating Seattle financier Darren Berg, as his complex web of investment funds was exposed as a nearly $100 million dollar ponzi scheme.

VALID8’s co-founder Tod McDonald worked on the forensic accounting team appointed by the court to take control of Berg’s assets and attempt to unravel his web of deception. It was this complex criminal case, with hidden accounts, tens of thousands of transactions and an active effort by to continue the deception, that convinced Tod that new tools were needed to tackle these crimes.

Today VALID8 offers investigators of financial crimes and forensic accountants a powerful platform to rapidly turn financial records into intelligence, shining light on where the money went, but also providing investigators with lightning fast guidance on what additional records must be obtained in order to connect every dot and reconcile the financial statements down to the last penny.

VALID8 - A Proven Technology Partner for Trustees & Receivers, Forensic Accountants, and Law Enforcement

Valid8 has partnered with forensic accountants, trustees and receivers, as well as state agencies and law enforcement investigators to use its platform in financial investigations.


  • Extract data from bank statements
    No more boxes of bank statements. We process bank or brokerage statements and make the data available electronically within 24 hours.
  • Map/trace transactions in hours rather than days or weeks
    Speed is the essence of your business. With accurate data set, you can start zeroing in on specific transactions within a day.
  • To-the-penny accuracy
    Valid8 delivers accurate data that withstand the scrutiny of the court and deliver results for forensic accountants or investigators.
  • Intelligent transfer matching to connect the dots on all money movement
    Big data combined with AI principles allow for tracing fund movements from account to account, answering the perennial question “Where did the money go?”
  • Advanced analytic and data visualization tools for investigators
    The Valid8 platform provides you with the tools you need to do the analysis of financial data flow with unprecedented ease and speed.

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